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How Dustproof and Water-Resistant Your SHARP ROUVO V Is

When purchasing a smartphone, one of the major concerns you may have is whether the smartphone is dust and waterproof. Well, that’s totally understandable. Thinking of how many times you have heard of a smartphone dropping down into a pool or being splashed by water or a drink spilled on it. No wonder IP rating has become one of the top considerations for both tech companies and customers. With the ability to resist dust and water, it will surely increase the lifetime of electronic devices.

You may wonder: what is IP Rating? An IP Rating is an official standard determining the protection level of an electronic device’s ability to resist dust and water. It consists of two digits, which indicates the dustproof level and waterproof level respectively. Your SHARP ROUVO V is rated IP52, the 5 shows the capacity of protecting against a limited amount of dust, and the 2 means your SHARP ROUVO V is able to withstand splash of liquids. With a IP5 level of dustproof, your phone can prevent sufficient quantity of dusts ingression that may interfere with the safe operation of the device, which offers you peace of mind. What worth mentioning the most, SHARP ROUVO V’s IP52 rating feature is rather competitive among all its entry-level smartphone competitors.

Although your SHARP ROUVO V performs an effectiveness in dust and water resistance, there are still a few limitations that you need to be aware to optimize your user experience. Since it’s dust and water RESIST, we would suggest you avoid submerging your SHARP ROUVO V deeply into water in order to make sure the device could function normally.


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