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Search Smartly with Google Lens on Your SHARP ROUVO V

Still typing into a browser to search for what you want? Are you struggling for words to describe what you are trying to look up for? The exciting news is with Google Lens, a built-in feature in the latest version of SHARP Rouvo V, you can search, shop or translate anything you see, anywhere, anytime.

Shoot and Search

You can access Google Lens through either Google App or your camera. For the Google App, tap on the smart camera icon on the right side of the search box. From the camera, tap on the Google Lens icon on the option bar above. Then, position the camera and aim it at the item that you want to search on the Internet. You may also tap on the screen to focus on the item. When you are ready, tap the shutter button to search.

Search from Gallery

If you want to search for something from photos or screenshots, you can choose a photo straight from your photo gallery. First, open Google and tap on the Google Lens smart camera icon. Second, select and open a photo with the content you want to look up, and the system will automatically focus on the item and show the relevant results below. You may also adjust the selection area by dragging it on the screen to make sure the right item is focused. As for accessing from the gallery app, simply open a photo and tap on the Google Lens icon on the option bar below.

Search and More

There are more features that Google Lens offers, including checking the price of certain products, translating, coping and searching texts on photos, identifying plants you want to know about and more. All these useful functions are waiting for you to explore for yourself.


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