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SHARP re-enters the US market with the introduction of ROUVO V, an Exceptional Smartphone

Bringing Back SHARP’s Quality Craftmanship SHARP re-enters the U.S. Market with ROUVO V, a multi-media rich smartphone with 4-day battery life¹ and an immersive 6.5” HD+ display at a great price. Inside ROUVO V is MediaTek Helio A22 (MT6761V/WB) platform, designed to meet the demands in the target market of ROUVO V. In fact, it is quite evident to see that MediaTek Helio understands what the consumers want and is designed to bring balance among performance, power efficiency, connectivity, entertainment, and lastly, price.

[October 2022] – SHARP today announced its re-entry into the U.S. market with the launch of its new ROUVO V Android smartphone. Bringing back the legacy of SHARP’s display and camera expertise, ROUVO V inherits SHARP’s meticulous design and quality craftsmanship to offer consumers a better choice with exceptional performance and premium features to the entry-level smartphone market.

ROUVO V delivers a sleek viewing experience with an immersive HD+ 6.5” display. The 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory provide optimized performance, speed, and efficiency, making it easier to multitask and stay productive.

  • Bigger is Better: ROUVO V is equipped with a huge 6.5” display with 20:9 aspect ratio, allowing cinematic viewing on the users’ smartphone.

  • Photoshoot with Stunning Effect: ROUVO V’s camera supports Full HD¹ and multiple AI-enabled features, enabling users to shoot like a pro with the enhanced portrait shots, Bokeh effect, softened skin/background, and improve the shots with reductions in blur, noise, and bright lighting.

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: ROUVO V is built for all-day use, with more than 4 days of use and 101 hours of standby time².

  • IP52 Protection from Dust and Water: With IP52-rated protection, ROUVO V is resistant to dust ingress and water spray³.

For more information about ROUVO V, visit

Pricing and Availability

ROUVO V will be exclusively available in the U.S. region. SHARP is excited to partner with Verizon for this re-entry into the US Market. Verizon began offering the device in-store and online on September 22. ROUVO V is also available at Dollar General since October 13, and Walmart since October 16.

Legal Disclaimers

The information provided here is for general information purpose only. While we make full endeavor to keep the information accurate and correct, the information is presented “as is”, without promise of warranties of any kind. Certain features or functions may depend on the network and may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Certain charges may apply. All are subject to change without prior notice. SHARP is a trademark of Sharp Corporation used under license from Sharp Corporation. microSD Logo is a trademark of SD-3C LLC. Google™, Android™, Google Play and other affiliated brands are trademarks of Google LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

1. Image resolution may vary under different camera modes.

2. Battery DOU (Day of Use by hours) are measured by complying with Verizon’s testing standards based on use profiles of a typical user. The measured DOU of this device is 4.24 days of use, approximately 101.77 hours.

3. The IP52 rating specifies that the device is protected against limited dust ingress and against direct water spray up to 15 degrees from vertical.


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