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Shoot Like a Semi-pro with SHARP ROUVO V

Ever heard of the term “killer app”? A “killer app” is defined as something that changes tradition by providing a superior feature or a revolutionizing technology in the industry. The smartphone camera can be one of the best examples of a killer app. With a simple pinch and tap on smartphone, which now is one of the necessities of modern people, taking great photos is no longer a professional photographer’s specialty or a costly hobby. In 2022, SHARP welcomes a new member to its smartphone family: the ROUVO V, an entry-level smartphone that supports dual high-megapixel cameras, a full-HD screen and multiple software-enabled features, offering users great photography capabilities and affordability that lets you shoot like a semi-pro.

Capturing Magnificent Scenes with HDR Mode Imagine that you are traveling and enjoying a great landscape, either from the summit of the mountain with a sea of clouds in your sight, or from a magnificent historical spot that is hundreds of years old, you want to capture the breathtaking moment and cherish it eternally as a piece of irreplaceable memory or share it with your beloved ones, and that’s when HDR mode is the right one for you. HDR mode, short for High Dynamic Range, captures a wide range of light exposures from the brightest to the darkest, giving you more colorful and vivid photos. This will bring you back to the scene every time you see the photos. Turning HDR mode on or off is straightforward, and you should see the icon at the top of the screen when you turn the camera on. A tap on the screen to focus on the main subject, steady your shot, and then tap the camera shutter to create your own masterpiece. Taking a great photo is never this easy.

Create Your Panoramic Photo with Panorama Mode Are you bothered by not being able to fit the entire scene into one single photo? Do you think video recording always takes up too much storage? Try Panorama mode. Panorama mode allows you to capture wide-angle landscapes by taking and combing consecutive images to broaden the field of view of your photos. This gives you a more immersive experience, and you will be surprised at how much more of the scenery you can capture in just one photo. By changing the photo mode to Panorama and following the guide bar and arrow on your screen, you can slowly and steadily move your phone in horizontal or vertical directions to generate a panorama. You can still see every small detail in a picture by double-tapping, or by spreading and pinching on the screen to zoom in or out.

Beauty Portrait Mode When having a great time with your loved ones, or sharing your daily make-up and outfit, a selfie is always a perfect way to keep the best look of the moment. When it comes to taking selfies, some people may feel pressured. One possible reason can be anxiety about not looking perfect. With Beauty mode turned on, you no longer have to worry about that. This software-enabled feature will automatically identify your face with bokeh effect and softens your skin tone. Even if you are not in your optimal condition, perhaps due to fatigue, you can look just as stunning and flawless as you are at your best. Simply tap the Beauty mode icon at the top of the screen, and everyone in the selfie screen will look good. In addition, the bokeh effect in Beauty mode blurs the background to focus on the main subject of the photo and make it stand out more.

The Camera Phone at Great Value ROUVO V’s camera provides users with great effectiveness and convenience that traditional point-and-shoot cameras cannot be compared. If you are a great fan of photography but have limited budgets, hesitate no more and get to know more about ROUVO V. In addition to the three different camera modes mentioned above, there are more features supported in this smartphone which will definitely help you create and capture great moments and works, waiting for you to explore them yourself.


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